A to Z of Thankful

A is for all my online friends
B is for Blake my eldest nephew and the joy he brings me
C is for chocolate
D is for downloadable audiobooks and music
E is for Everyone in my family.
F is for food in my belly
G is for green grass
H is for my health which will hopefully improve in 2010
I is for Internet and the world it opens up 2 me
J is for joking around with friends
K is for Kayden my middle nephew and the light of my life right now
L is for love and those who love me
M is for music and its ability to distract me
N is for Nana and Pa my grandparents are big part of my world
O is for opportunities my abilities have given me like bowling and writing 4 DeVine
P is for people accepting me for who I am
Q is for quiet time alone
R is for reading a really good book.
S is for studying and learning something new every day
T is for TAFE and my friends there
U is for understanding and acceptance of my abilities by community members
V is for veggies and my other favourite foods
W is for writing and the enjoyment I get from it
X is for X rays and other medical tests that unravel the mystery that is my health
Y is for you the people who read my blog and leave comments (hint hint)
Z is forzzzzzzzzz’s and the nights I actually get to sleep

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