Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Have you seen this ad?

I just watched it for the first time and on the one hand I think it is a great idea and I hope that it raises a lot of money but on the other hand I am angry and hurt. The ad makes it seem like having CP is the worst thing that can happen to a kid and that having CP means that you will automatically be a burden on your family. This makes me feel angry because I hope I am proof that it is possible to have CP and still be a functioning member of a family and society.

I am also in a way hurt by the ad because I have never asked for (or received any) help in purchasing equipment. I have saved until i have had enough money to buy it myself where government funding has not been available. I am hurt by the idea that I somehow shouldn’t do this? I know that’s not what the ad is saying but its the way it made me feel; like by providing for myself I am somehow a victim.

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